Chimney Caps, Rain Pans & Shrouds

What happens at the top of your chimney? Of course, the smoke from your fire exits here; sometimes, live sparks do, too, if your masonry chimney has no cap! Rain can enter at the top and either come down the flue into your fireplace, or – without a cap or pan – enter the space that exists around the flue and between the exterior walls. As we said, water penetration causes deterioration to a masonry chimney, but it also affects homeowners with a factory built fireplace. Water follows the line of material on which it enters (the one of least resistance) and then downward, so it can show up on the ceiling of a room near the fireplace. A rusty and/or ill-fitting rain pan (factory built fireplace) or cap can allow water into the homeā€¦and the top of your chimney may not be visible or accessible to you! Allow Chimney Chasers to view it for you and – if necessary – install a custom cap, pan and/or shroud. Believe it or not, the four sides of your chimney are four different lengths!

**Decorative and ornamental chimney tops include clay pots, copper caps (and other metals) and shrouds in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes to enhance your home . . . with or without a chimney! Ask us! We work with architects, developers and builders, as well as with homeowners.


A “stuck” damper can cost far more than a repair or replacement, losing precious heating and cooling energy all year long. When your fireplace isn’t in use, the damper is used to keep warm air in during the winter months and cool air in during the summer months. Otherwise, you’re sending that expensive, treated air right up the chimney! Today, a top-mounted damper also acts as a cap.

Woodstoves & Inserts

During this era of increasingly expensive energy costs, many people are opting to use wood as their sole source of heat, while others reduce both energy consumption and costs by supplementing heat systems with a freestanding woodstove or a woodstove insert. With various models from which to choose, no loss of heat up the chimney and a steady flow of warm air into the home, today’s attractive and long lasting appliances offer a great alternative. Some models use exterior air and require no electricity, meaning that even in a power outage, the homeowner is protected. Chimney Chasers will be happy to show you all the options, and then to install the woodstove or insert of your choice.

Gas Logs

Whether ambiance is your goal, or an easy-to-use source of heat in the rooms you use most is what you prefer, gas logs offer many options. Some models light with the flick of a wall switch; others can be managed from the comfort of the couch, by remote! Whatever you choose, Chimney Chasers can usually install them in a couple of hours at a reasonable cost.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Chimney Chasers has both commercial and residential clients who have trusted the company to design and build outdoor fireplaces. Ask for a consultation today!

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