Services & Repairs

Inspection & Cleaning

Our most frequently requested service, naturally, is an Inspection and Cleaning by a Certified Chimney Sweep! Level I, Level II and Level III inspections are performed by our company, depending upon the need of the client. See descriptions by clicking on each level, and visit for excellent information about all types of chimneys and fireplaces. As a bonus, you’ll also find a list of all the Certified Sweeps in Georgia, so that you can find and/or compare those in your area. Whether you’re a residential client with an open, masonry or factory built fireplace (or have an insert or woodstove) or a commercial client with special needs, Chimney Chasers has the credentials (and knowledge) to service your location.

Water Leaks

Chimney Chasers is frequently called on to diagnose the source of a water leak; sometimes it’s in or near the chimney, but sometimes, it’s on the ceiling of a room in close proximity to a fireplace. From poorly installed or aging flashing to poorly fitted or rusted chimney caps, pans and shrouds, a Certified Sweep has been formally trained to diagnose and repair leaks…or to refer to the professional who can, if it’s out of a sweep’s area of expertise.

Documentation - Insurance & Real Estate Transactions

A Certified Sweep will offer documentation of what he has found in the chimney, when making a quote. Photographs and even videos will be available to support and demonstrate his findings. Likewise, if a homeowner must file an insurance claim, the Certified Sweep will prepare a well-documented quote and be available to discuss it with the agent.

According to NFPA 211 (National Fire Protection Agency Standards), a Level II Inspection should be performed on a chimney in the event of real estate transfer or sale. This is a different procedure than the Home Inspection that should be performed when a buyer has found his/her dream house. Areas of the chimney that cannot be viewed from the ground or from the top (without special equipment) should be inspected by an experienced and Certified Sweep. Chimney Chasers works with local, professional Home Inspectors whose clients receive the most thorough information in order to make such an important decision.

Smoking Fireplace

Occasionally, a fireplace will “spill” smoke back into the room; this can be caused by several factors, from a chimney that’s too short or a poorly designed smoke chamber to something as simple as a soot filled chimney in need of a cleaning. A Certified Sweep knows what to look for and how to address it.

Dryer Vents (Complimentary pressure check with another service)

Did you know that clogged dryer vents cause ___ home fires a year, according to the NFPA? Does it seem to take a very long time to dry your clothes? When you clean the lint screen between loads, you don’t see the lint that has gotten through the mesh over the years and is now building up on the walls of vent. Some vents haven’t been updated or cleaned in years, and waste a great deal of energy while costing more to operate! Call Chimney Chasers to clean and/or update your venting system. And, if you’re having your chimney inspected and swept, ask your technician to perform a complimentary pressure check on your vent. You’ll be able to see whether it’s clogged or not.

Chimney Reline

A chimney may need to be relined for several reasons. After a chimney fire (your fire should be in the firebox, or the part you see in the living room) and not inside the chimney, above the smoke chamber. If yours is a clay liner, it is likely to crack during a chimney fire; later – if not repaired – that crack will allow extreme heat to escape and could ignite dry, wooden rafters or support beams. A stainless steel chimney liner comes with a lifetime warranty, but you do need to have it inspected to be sure that any and all sections are properly attached.

Some older homes have chimneys with no liner at all…don’t use it! Restoration of defunct chimneys in historic homes is another reason to hire a Certified professional…and Chimney Chasers has many referrals in this area.


Chimneys take a beating from severe weather all year long…over the years, masonry chimneys (those that are built with brick from the foundation to the top) may begin to show the effects of extreme temperatures and rain, having bricks become loose and to even fall out. Likewise, the crown of the chimney (see glossary) may crack and allow water to invade the space between the flue and the exterior chimney wall. Water penetration is the largest cause of deterioration and damage (to say nothing of aesthetics). Chimney Chasers is able to first clean, then restore the brick (called tuckpointing), repair the crown, and then to waterproof the entire exterior. This process can save thousands of dollars down the road, and prevent unnecessary leaks.

Factory Built Fireplace Repairs and Replacement / Wall Replacement

Cost effective and popular, factory built fireplace systems have been in use for several decades. Some of the earlier manufacturers have gone out of business, while others have simply discontinued some models – or greatly improved others – that are in use today. Each model (no matter the year or manufacturer) must meet high standards of safety (UL 127), and parts are not interchangeable between any of them. Decades of use (or a chimney fire) may render a unit unusable, and a Certified Sweep is your best ally in determining whether yours should be used. If replacing yours is necessary, Chimney Chasers will be able to document why and to install a new unit. With more choices available (including the ability to install a wood stove insert into a factory built fireplace), you may decide on a whole new look and energy efficiency!

Factory built fireplaces in most newer homes may eventually need to have “back walls” or “side walls” replaced. These cement walls (resembling bricks) are a first line of defense in containing the fire. Extreme heat and years of use can cause cracks and – eventually – holes. The panels should be replaced to further maintain the integrity of the unit. Chimney Chasers can cut one of these panels on-site to fit your fireplace.

Gutters Cleaned and Guards Installed

While Chimney Chasers is on the roof, why not have your gutters cleaned? Reduce risk and get a discount for multiple services! Better yet, ask your technician about LEAVESOUT, the “smartest” and most cost-effective gutter cover on the market! Don’t replace your gutters; cover them and never clean them again!

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